Chess Julia


Phone: 0419 502 800

Chess Julia is one of Australia’s most experienced professional Voice Over artists. With two full decades of real hands-on experience, and literally thousands of TV, Radio and ‘extended media’ Voice Overs to show for it, she can immediately adjust to any request a producer or director may want to achieve their desired outcome. From Straight Voices, to Retail, to Corporate, to Educational, to Documentary, to Accents, to International, to Animated Characters; your investment in this talent is well worth it!

Demo Reel

Versatile, Easy-Going, Professional, and Located right in the heart of South Yarra, its not a problem for Chess Julia to travel to your studio in Melbourne, anytime – 7 days a week – even at that last minute. Or – if you want a fast (or even long distance) job done, and you might be pressed for time – she can even record what you need for your Voice Over in her own little studio and send it through to you online for approval and final broadcast. Oh and, after hours are never a problem!

Working both in front of and behind the cameras, Chess Julia is also a composer and singer and has produced (and often performed on) many well known jingles you have heard over the years.

Chess Julia is highly sought after by the Corporate, Online, Medical and Education sectors for her strength & understanding in delivery of often complicated scripts – including international clients such as Hallmark, Harley Davidson, Disney and Leica Corporate, and she has been a ‘darling of the TV and radio industries’ for many years, with her voice featuring on both local and international ads, lots of well known Multi-National Brands which sounds like a who’s who of business, countless Toy Industry Products, and right through to lots of great local Retail Clients for whom every word spoken makes all the difference in the final outcome of their campaigns.

Once you’ve heard the tracks – you’ll know the voice! Have a listen to these VO demos and feel free to call and chat about your project.

Other Audio Samples