Welcome to MelVO. Providing a place for great independent Melbourne voice over artists to be heard!

Take a listen to our artists below and click the links below each one for more info, extra audio samples and contact information.

Soula Alexander

Soula is a highly sought after voice over artist and has been working in the industry nationally and internationally for over two decades. She adores creating voices for her clients, from naturally warm to bright and friendly, from high energy to conversational, she can provide her clients with what they require within seconds. Being a trained theatre and television actor, she can take direction quickly and easily.

Bob Knowles

Bob is old school. He believes that a great voice should be an anonymous servant of a project. So after 30 years delivering stand-out work for some of the biggest names in the country, he’s proud of the fact that you’ve probably never heard of him.
He has a studio of his own or can appear in yours at very short notice. He’s also a paid up member of the MEAA – Alliance for voice actors.

David Legge

David Legge is one of the most versatile voices in the Melbourne voiceover industry.
Since the mid eighties, he has been providing a myriad of voices for any, and every form of voice recording imaginable.
Retail and corporate TV and radio, corporate in-house audio and visual, phone messaging, feature film post syncing…he’s done it all; not to mention over 80 different character voices.

Chess Julia Allen

Chess Julia is one of Australia’s most experienced professional Voice Over artists. With two full decades of real hands-on experience, and literally thousands of TV, Radio and ‘extended media’ Voice Overs to show for it, she can immediately adjust to any request a producer or director may want to achieve their desired outcome. From Straight Voices, to Retail, to Corporate, to Educational, to Documentary, to Accents, to International, to Animated Characters; your investment in this talent is well worth it!

Zoe Knowles

Zoe is your typical 27 year old.
She can read a special with the best of them, has ‘excited twenty-something’ down pat and is pretty proud of her new-found corporate narration skills.
From bright retail to raw voice… have a listen and hear what Zoe can do!

Bailey Robinson

Bailey is a typical 14 year old. He loves computer games and You Tube, he plays electric guitar, reads graphic novels, adores listening to music and likes hanging out with his mates.

Unlike a typical 14 year old, Bailey loves eating snails cooked in a garlic butter sauce (French style). He and his dad are currently doing a French Odyssey culinary tour of French Cafes in Melbourne. So once every few months they take their journal and write about their culinary experiences. Now back to Bailey’s voice over experience. Well, coming from a family of voice over actors, he’s been in recording studios since the day he was born. His mum taught him to read at the age of four, in early preparation for his voice over career.

He’s got a husky teenage sounding voice, has a quirky sense of humour and takes direction quickly and easily.

Bailey attends an inner city school, which means he can get to your studio promptly!